Take Action

Take Action for Elephants!

It’s easy to help elephants in your city or town. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Join IDA’s Elephant Task Force! Join advocates across the country in working to help elephants. You’ll receive a quarterly newsletter with news briefs, updates on elephant campaigns, and information on ways you can get involved.

  • Monitor the elephants at your local zoo. Visit the zoo regularly and get to know the elephants. Ask questions of docents or zookeepers. Help IDA by gathering information including: sizes of enclosures and types of surfaces (i.e., concrete, hard-packed soil), elephant behavior (are the elephants swaying and rocking?), signs of physical problems (limping or walking stiff-legged), and use of bullhooks. Still and video images are a must! Send your information and photography to zoos@idausa.org.

  • Let IDA know when the circus comes to town. Help IDA track the many circuses touring the U.S. by simply sending us an email when a circus visits your town. Please include the name of the circus, the venue where it is performing, and the city/state. You can help us even more by visiting the circus and taking photos and/or video. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, including the elephants’ names and where the circus will perform next. Send your information to zoos@idausa.org.

  • Participate in IDA’s International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos on the second Saturday in June. Pro-elephant advocates from around the world will hold peaceful outreach events and demonstrations to send the message that the world united can end the suffering of elephants in zoos. If you’re interested in coordinating an event at your local zoo or joining others in your area, please contact zoos@idausa.org.

  • Start an elephant awareness campaign. Your effort can be a demonstration when the circus comes to town or a full-on campaign to rescue the elephants at your local zoo. IDA can help by providing flyers and educational materials, information about the elephants, and advice on how to launch the most effective campaign possible. For more information, contact zoos@idausa.org.