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Stabbed, Jabbed, Poked and Hooked

"I think these elephants are trying to tell us that zoos and circuses are not what God created them for... but we have not been listening."
       —Florida Police Officer Blaine Doyle, who shot 47 rounds into Janet, an elephant who ran amok with three children on her back at the Great American Circus in Florida.

March 5, 2006/Marlborough, Massachusetts: An Asian elephant named Minnie with the Commerford Petting Zoo injured two employees while giving rides. As children were being loaded onto her back, she became agitated and suddenly swung her head toward the two employees, shifting her weight and pinning them against the loading ramp.

August 25, 2005/Mt. Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania: An Asian elephant named Julie, touring with Wambold’s Circus Menagerie, suddenly wrapped her trunk around a woman’s wrist and yanked her as she reached out toward the elephant from a crowd of people feeding the animal at the county fair. She was treated at an emergency room for a sprain and possibly torn ligaments.

April 13, 2005/Polk City, Florida: Ringling Bros. elephant handler David Mannes was airlifted to a medical center to treat a fractured pelvis and soft tissue wounds to his arm after being knocked down and kicked by an Asian elephant named Tova while feeding the elephants at Ringling’s breeding compound.

January 31, 2005/Fort Wayne, Indiana: An elephant trainer with Tarzan Zerbini Circus was trampled to death by one of the Asian elephants as the animals were being loaded into a trailer following performances at the Mizpah Shrine Circus.

August 29, 2004/El Paso, Texas: An elephant with the George Carden Circus attacked an arena worker following a performance at the El Maida Shrine Circus. The elephant knocked the man down, threw him into a wall, and pinned him against a fence. He sustained a dislocated shoulder, a torn rotator cuff, and nerve injury, which required surgery for repair and reconstruction and resulted in more than $15,000 in medical bills.

July 4, 2004/Clinton, Iowa: An African elephant named Nosey, with the Liebel Family Circus, attacked a circus worker, hitting him with her tusk, lifting him off his feet and throwing him down an incline. The worker was rushed to the hospital and received stitches for a head injury.

Think it couldn’t happen here?
Think again.

In June 2004, an African elephant named Misha gored and critically injured a keeper at Six Flags in Vallejo, California. Misha’s tusk went right through the keeper’s body. Misha had suffered greatly at the hands of Six Flags. Finally she’d had enough.

The photo above is from an Elephant ride at Six Flags. Notice the absence of a handler—nothing to prevent the elephant from taking off with people on her back.